Friday, February 08, 2013

The *NHS Song

There’s a wheeze when I breath and this pain when I live
And no wonder our paths come to cross
You’re my Heaven my Hell within you I dwell
Each time my health is at loss
You’re pretty and sweet when we meet and we greet
But your chit chat’s a ‘NO-NO’ because
I am loosing terrain you drive me insane
And I don't know the name of your boss

Your  system has crashed your words come out mashed
My story – I say it again
But you’re now on the phone while I play my trombone
and my patience’s being washed down the drain

My lips turning pale you’re biting your nail
I just need my prescription, I’m sore
You smile with a smile, I repeat for a while
Everything that I told you before
You click and you stare at the screen I don’t dare
To look for the fear that you’re wrong
I can not buy time even for this crime
But tonight (oh, boy, this is so worth breaking a rhyme)  you’ll be blown on my blog

There’s a fire alarm and you say with a charm
'Please leave the premesis now'
I’ll be damned if I go, all I need is to know
Are you stupid or simply a cow
We part and I leave you wave and I grieve
For they won’t let me kill on the spot
And all I can do is wait a day or two
‘Till Tuesday is better' you thought


This saga was mine, I bet my last dime
That the papers will take them to pieces
The name of the story, for such fame and and such glory:

NHS – Hope is for sissies

NHS = National Health Service

Note: This poem is based on a true story and is aiming to reveal the impotence of a failing system. 

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