Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twenty Thirteen

"..there's nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing" - Prometheus

Captain's log. Stardate: now.

Mission 1-9-692-012 accomplished.

The crew is alive. Vital signs - stable, although many seem to be infected with joy which impacts temporarily on their frail alter-ego.

We have come to believe that time is a main factor in depleting reality of its purpose which remains unknown. Consequences unknown.

Some may suffer acute neurosynaptic damage caused by what we call disappointment. Others may seek strength to look into their hearts without a blink or choose to live in ignorance.
Most should retain the element of hope through prayer/ poetry/ alcohol and/or chocolate.

Our belief systems are unstable but in a few hours we shall rendezvous with Fate. The complexity of data can not be decoded with available primers.  The possibility of Love beginning with the same letter remains remarkably high. This may destabilize the core, cause day-dreaming and impair judgement  No one on board is safe and probability of escape is zero. Survival rate: unknown.

All engineers/ navigators / counsellors/ scientists/ muses and poets on standby.

Countdown on my mark.

Our new mission ahead:  KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.......or I shall ride you like a cowboy.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The ultimate noise of Christmas

'So, there's uncle Bill, Jenny, Victoria, Tony, their kids..and...'

'don't be stupid, he'll never wear that, he hates brown'/
his car is brown and I thought...'

'oh, aren't they lovely!!!! they are.. let's get 5'

                ~'last Christmas I gave you my heart..'~

'..listen.. stop calling me! you made it very clear that...aha...yeah I know should have never ...'

'This is a customer announcement: Sainsbury's would like to wish all customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'

'Get some Tums for Mum she's always sick after Christmas lunch'

'..the ones with the dots?..or the stripy ones?'

'Gill! Gill it's me! Hi darling are you bringing your chiwawas this year? you are.......what do they eat?'

'No, you backed into me,  you dickhead, look at the fucking bumper'

'...and then he said he loved me and he'll stay in touch..'

'If you think I'll sit next to your sister you are so wrong: she talks with her mouth full and never listens to a word I say..she's a eating machine'

'after eights? ferrero rocher or thorntons specials? hello?? hellooo?? you're breaking up..'

                 ~ 'have yourself a merry little Christmas..'~

'can't man..I'm skint..'

'I always wanted that jacket but not in blue..i prefer the ox-blood../ yeah, ox-blood suits you..'


'this is a customer announcement: we would like to apologise for the queues and thank all our customers for their patience, we are now operating at full capacity: check out 13, 14 and 15 are now open'

'mummy that man farted'

'do you have the fluffy slippers in black with pink, not the ones with the bow on the top..'

'oh, shut up, you haven't got a clue..'

                ~'jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way'~

'..did you see that cow on isle 7? the one in a red jumper..she put in her trolley a dozen boxes of mince pies..'

'we'll get goose this year/
 I hate goose/
we'll get goose and you'll love it..'

'that would be 375 pounds and 66 pence'

'Jesus Christ'

' have reached the end of your conveyor. please mind your ..'

Sunday, December 16, 2012

As she goes

the coffee will taste the same
the blue chair she sat in
will stay blue
her PC screen – darkened for a while
her pictures – gone
people will chit chat in lower voices about the same things
the delivery boy will bring the mail
at 11:00 AM sharp
babies will cry until their mothers will feed them
mothers will moan until their babies turn will come
some managers will keep planning targets
some employees will keep ignoring them
some will loose a key from their drawers
some will get their overtime back
but some will remember
there will be one less from now on
one less knock at the door
one less greeting in the morning
one less coat hanging upstairs
one less email to respond to
we shall carry on
staring at the new elephant in the room
silently called