Sunday, June 05, 2011


(..’only dream I ever have is the surface of the sun…every time I shut my eyes is always the same’ - Sunshine)

hey, creatures of earth
I'm off to the sun
I’m packing up light,
no tooth brush, no gun
farewell weeks and years of earthly chores
I'm letting go now
my gravity's yours

the rocket is ready I'm happy to say
a heart and two wings
and a ticket one way

people are waving
their faces look numb
I smile and I show them
that up is my thumb

fear not for my future
full of fire and heat
I'll be hugging the light
while you'll lie or you'll cheat

10 9 8 7
I'm ready to go
6 5 4 3
this countdown's too slow
lift off
my God, what a blast
I'm coming I'm coming
behind me just dust

I'm passing the moon, the mysterious stone
good bye and farewell
hope you're happy alone

adieu, adieu
oh, muses of mine
I'm wishing you well
in my last hour rhyme

don't cry, I am smiling and that's all I can say
I’d be writing you letters and notes on the way
I'd be drawing you charts, as my words melt like butter
but the papers would burn and their ashes would flutter

I’m close, oh, so close
I’m finally there
what do I see?
is what no man would dare


as you stare at the sun
on a beautiful day
on a little blue planet
many light-years away
just smile for no reason
for I could be a ray