Friday, March 12, 2010

Unlike others

you’re one tough tree branch
that would hold the nests
of all birds flapping their wings
in my sky

you’re so beautifully disguised
as a bathrobe
waiting, waiting
long after the running waters have stopped
soft and still
to be filled up
by me

you’re by far
the loudest thunder
striking the same spot
over and over
despite no weather warnings

you’re so me..

you’re welcome


Greg said...

I like that bath robe image - it lives in the poem!

Corina said...

thank you Greg, it does, doesn't it...:) said...

I wish you a Happy Easter!

Corina said...

Thank you!:) U2

myth_of_Serpentry said...

the last stanza is dangerously sensual.. It makes me feel pleasantly uncomfortable, or uncomfortably pleasant (one of the two, anyway).

A tree branch, disguised as a bathrobe, strikes the narrator's same spot "over and over."


Corina said...

thank you Myth-of-Serpentry for your confession... no apologies for the way my poem induced that state of pleasant..fuzziness. I just hope it lasts..:)