Monday, February 04, 2013

Control Panel. Test 01

Statement 1.The poem bellow is false

there’s no rush in pushing dreams
one into another and watch them disappear into black holes
like shiny balls on a Saturday night pool table
no need for hope and fear
to marry again and again and again
lovers can only be parents to one eternal daughter: agony

open your eye
the voices in my head are now quiet
muted by the glowing in the dark yoyo of life
forever ends Tuesday and
 it doesn’t matter why
or how or who played in it

the Big Engineer wants us to be grateful
for every dove flying above our heads
for every loaf of bread sliced on the kitchen table
for every mouthful of air allowed in this room

‘Breath in and hold’/ (should I do what I’m told?)
I take in you2 and exhale love dioxide.

Statement 2.The poem above is true

Audio version:   Control panel. Test 01 by Corina Gina Papouis 


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