Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You jump

I jump
in deep water
not to cross the ocean
not to compete with the killer whales
or the great white sharks
not to find the biggest pearl in the world
or Nemo
not to solve the mysteries of Titanic
or the secret of alternative life
not to understand about sand
and seagulls and sailors
and the goodness of algae
not to watch the Spanish dancers
or the dolphins
or the corral grow
not to feel the salt climbing into my pores
and the big blue flooding my senses
I jump
in deep water
just to be with you
wet, under, holding.

our hands and our breaths


Virgil said...


Corina said...

..and unconditional :)

Ramona said...

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Virgil said...

is there any other kind of love?.. I mean jump...

Corina said...

no, there isn't..