Saturday, May 14, 2011

Optimus Anonymous

as birds scratch the sky
so the clouds can bleed
feathers and fear
over a world in greed
we watch with our hands
soft and ready to kill
for whatever we love
or the secrets we seal

collapsed in the same
cull de sack of the mind
thoughts linger alone
in the land of the blind
we never surrender
when sick and in love
become pure and tender
in God’s hand a dove

and good lies in bad
when the worse fills our hope
are you ready to die?
are you ready to cope?

without knowing how
you can never succeed
so release your birds
so your clouds can bleed


Virgil said...

Nice, although a bit cliche in the end

Corina said...

..and what is hope if not a nice bit of cliche?:p

PS i did not know you were a blogger..:)

Virgil said...

And you're right. I am not a blogger. As you know, the only place I post is Hermeneia. But that doesn't mean I do not follow what you are writing. Although you seem not to like to post them on Hermeneia. ;)

Corina said...

..just come out with it and say you missed me..:p

I'll pass by later..:)

Virgil said...

As I said, I do not blog and I do not believe in blogging. And for communication there are other means. ;) More appropriate than a blog.

I just don't like blogging, facebook or twitter. But I message. :)