Monday, November 01, 2010


Hello Halloween

After a whole year of waiting and hoping this night will come it finally happened…

Halloween has arrived.

The above pumpkin hand picked weighed and eye-measured in Sainsbury has finally met his destiny: the scariest carved vegetable to ever be displayed on my door step.

Passers by? …terrified.

Cats?...terrified (including the one recently adopted)

Little boys and girls?...forgot their names and screamed for their Mummy

Their Dads?...screamed for their Mummy and asked for beers.

Sweets filled up the house, my kids faces, the kitchen has become a decayed tooth prior to extraction.

In a word?


(whatever, 3 words!)

But I ask you, readers, followers, time wasters and accidently comers to this blog.

What the hell did the carvers bellow think?

I mean, can they not tell the difference between hallow-art (see above) and their poor attempts to create scary pumpkins? It seems embarrassing to even display them as, you can all tell, the following vegetables have been massacred chopped and beheaded for no other reason but …boredom.

I shall let you judge this, for I know, in my heart and in my silly pretty head that there is one winner and one winner only…

Good bye Halloween!

 (my favourite...:D)

T I M E  W A I S T E R S!



Orin said...

Wouldn't dream of understanding them but... everyone has his/her blue dwarfs...

Corina said...

pumpkins make pies...pies make people happy...happy people seem to like is a bitch!:D