Sunday, January 24, 2010

U turn

some people driving on motorways
do unexpected U-turns
and somehow
on that very split second
(before you curse and call them names!)
you envy them.
you envy them for the pure and utter honesty
spreading inside their brain
like swastika in Europe 1939

and although
all written-by-man laws
would condemn them
(and condemned they will be!)
there’s that one
the one no one’s talking about
the one you would follow
on your motorway
on a sunny winter day
like this
for example...


Anonymous said...

întoarcerea neaşteptată la 180 de grade foarte bine surprinsă într-un poem cu accente acide. poate fi interpretată ca un moment de renunţare subită. comparaţia svasticii este fenomenală. have a nice day, ca în ultimul vers, mă refer la vreme, desigur. :)

Corina said...

u turn - never advised on a motorway.:)..din pacate nu o facem foarte des...insa privim la jind cum inchid ochii si trag de volan...
multumesc de popas!:)