Sunday, January 10, 2010

10th of January 2010 (ready, steady, go!)

10th of January, Milky Way, Earth, Europe, UK, England, London, Lee, Upwood Road, sitting room...

Bloody freezing!


No need to panic...Life is not a box of chocolates but a skating rink at the moment.
I slide from one day to the next on shorter breaks of light and memories of summer and smells of BBQs.

New resolutions? Do you really want to know them? Sure:

* Happiness, if you hear me hit me as hard as you can, whenever you can, as soon as you can, as merciless as you fancy...I shall not dodge any of your punches or kicks or bullets, in fact I’ll run towards anything you throw at me. I promise! (‘call meee!’)

* A glass of Cabernet! (what do we say?) – NOW!

Thank you..:)

So, here it is…Another year!!!!!… says my calendar, my personal alarm, my mobile phone, my lap top, my passport, my husband, my children, my Mum, my diary, my friends, my microwave, my colleagues, my cousins, my driving license…

‘says who?’ – asks a voice inside my head...'

‘I like you, whoever you are...muwahahaha’…

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