Thursday, May 07, 2009


all you have to do is stop
and breathe in truth from a different angle
allow the surge of our last togetherness
to buffer the poison

but there’s no strength left in your arms
to embrace
the power of forgiveness
no tears, no eyelids to cover my lie

I’m watching rage
spreading on your face
like death on a foreign battlefield
shredding the universe
of all the stars
we ever counted

I hear distance settling in the rhythm
of your galloping heart
and the growing of
my lust for yesterday

oh, there’s such glory in your silent eyes
and such retreat
I guess I’ll never find
the word to break it


Orin said...

That was really sad... beautiful but sad!

Corina said...

it's a 'painting' of a situation and the feelings within...if it touched you it makes me happy...:)

Anonymous said...

Argument/Nina Casian

Am dreptul la încă o mie de sărutări,
şi-apoi la încă o mie, şi-apoi
la încă o mie.

Aceasta e singura mea lăcomie,
cât timp ploaia, căzând pe buzele mele,
se face roşie ca sângele.

Corina said...

our love is now in pieces
the last one I shall keep
I now embrace the sorrow
and it is cutting deep...

...just in the spur of the moment...
thank you,