Saturday, February 04, 2012

Bagpuss never cries

we will find it we will bind it

we will stick it with glue glue glue
we will stickle it every little bit of it

 we will fix it like new new new

(The Mending song, Bagpuss)


your stripes are trembling in pink
the sun is still away
I hold you tight and then I think
'..this is our saddest day'

..he climbs a tree, I bet!' I say
or scoffs up jam on toast
but you just turn your nose away
and meaow to me: ‘..get lost!

a book, a car, a broken wheel,
a sock, a lego piece
I almost found my strength of will
when they invite a kiss

red cheeks, the riots, little lies,
the ‘I did not do it’ noise
the ‘mummy-this' and 'mummy-that’
the ‘can I have more toys?’
they’re in my throat.  I said ‘Good bye!’
while clinging to his voice
he’s growing up, you smelly cat,
the school trip was his choice

today until tomorrow comes
with red eyes, barely dry
I learn that little soldiers' mums
and Bagpuss never cry Nicholas

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