Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dove with green peas (why?)

his kids wear bibs 100% silk that stay white through the day

he’s growing wild orchids in the deepest darkest circles under the eye

he makes jelly out of dry words with broken fingers

his dragons sit fetch and roll before breakfast

he can pat his head and rub his belly while sawing buttons for orphans

he can spin plates on the tip of his mind

his books have pages no One can turn

he looks like a stolen Picasso behind a kitchen cabinet

he spits diamonds in fate’s face and walks off whistling  

his universe locked itself in and threw the key through my eyes


every night I’m getting interviewed by the wind, with my will cuffed, with a moon in my face but I’m saying nothing...


Orin said...

Really special your dove... and you are really special to bear his secrets... ;)

Corina said...

..that would be a couple of special doves with splendid green peas...:P.I guess only the special ones understand special..:0)xx

Falvo said...

Buna ziua, dorim sa va facem o propunere comerciala! Daca sunteti interesat trimiteti un e-mail la