Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She was here

..and tangled up in ivy
this tomb her humble home
no heartbeat to surrender to
so cold and so alone

a passing cloud of haven
she watches from above
you aching for her beauty
the lips you used to love

these tears of naked sorrow
are kisses that you long
days pass without tomorrow
and no one to belong

for she is now your memory
her laughter now asleep
lay alongside this marble
and weep for her
just weep


Orin said...

Yes, she was there, and now she is here, feeling my night over and over with her crying voice of sorrow. Loved the song, loved the poem, nice to see you writing in rimes...

Corina said...

loneliness...in a Gothic version...where death is only the beginning...:)

Orin said...

Gothic... nice... like the new darkwave party hosted by Leonard (Ancuța), also known as DJ Leo! ;)

Corina said...

i have no idea what leo does...but last night I was in the Brokley cemetary reading poetry with the poetry society, listening to piano and violin while commemorating our ww1 heros.
poetry was read in the light of canddles and tourches...
and of course, by the fire of our hearts:D..