Saturday, September 05, 2009

worth living for

one day I'll die
(probably young enough to remember)

and all those people
I never heard from
in years
will rush over
to say what a great person
I really was

that I used to be such
a laugh
that I liked to drink G&T
at the end of the day
Grolsch at weekends
and Baileys at Xmas

that I always found my way home
after long nights
in Tiger Tiger

that I was such a loving Mum
taking my kids to school
and McDonald’s
and never sending them out
to get cigarettes
after 10.30 PM

that I only cheated on my
significant others
a few times
and even then
I didn't really mean it

that I had beautiful eyes
which never cried but
always carried a glimmer
of hope

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