Saturday, June 20, 2009


image by tomasutpen

they belong here
a nipple on our love’s chest
pierced by suspicion
smothered in dream
and silence
we lay on this rotten bed
of thoughts
day and night
alone/ restless/ unattended
watching it grow
between us
like a tumour


regressivelight said...

i don t know exactly why, but i think i like it.
and i think that s connectot to the last comparation, although i would see it more materialistic if posible. i mean, not a tumour growing in the air or something like this, but something more organic.
the rest o this is more or less not really new (that s not a problem, but, not being so, and being already used s many time, it doesn t tell me a lot), i mean, a nice begining for the poem, but after that lots of words that i am full of such as dream, alone, silence ...

Corina said...

lies and tumours are thriving on unhealthy grounds, they are not meant to be there, they are not part of the norms as we know it.
i find the environment quite appropriate (silence, dream, alone)..
my poetry will never cling to big words, I do not believe in them, never did..:)